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I’ve thought about writing this post for months now, but every time I had a couple of sentences typed down, I changed my mind and deleted all of them again. I was never a fan of bloggers who made a big deal of closing their blogs (there I said it), because it always felt a bit pretentious. Like “I’ll stop writing about shoes, shirts and the occasional vacation… you can start crying now!” You know what I mean? In the grand scheme of things it won’t even make a difference whether I’m blogging or not, however -and please excuse my rambling, I swear there’s a point to this whole post hidden here somewhere…- what I’ve come to realize is that people probably don’t write these kind of posts for their readers but more for themselves. Because often times we just need to get some closure…

I’ve been running this blog more or less regularly for about three years now and for the most part I had a lot of fun with writing about fashion and beauty, or sharing snippets of my vacations with you, but for the last couple of months I felt like this blog wasn’t the right fit for me anymore. I don’t enjoy browsing through websites like Net-a-porter or ASOS for hours on end anymore, just to make a pretty wish list full of things that I’d never buy anyway, I don’t want to write sponsored posts for brands who ask me to please not state that I got paid for dropping their name and in all honesty I simply don’t want to spend my free time doing things that I’m not absolutely passionate about.

Sooo now that I’ve got the melodramatics out the way I can tell you about the good news!! The one thing I found through blogging (in addition to some great really people!) was my love for photography! I remember taking my dad’s old DSLR, setting it up on AUTO and just taking pictures of anything and everything for the blog. Fast forward 3 years and I’ve taken a ton of photography classes, attended workshops, and photographed most of my friends and family and I still can’t get enough. For me there’s just nothing like the feeling I get when people tell me they love the photos I’ve taken of them, of their kids, or of their pets, you name it… (and yes I realize how sappy I sound right now ;) )

So to make a long story short I just want to pursue this ‘new’ passion with all I have right now and see where it’ll lead me. And while I won’t be posting here anymore, I still hope you’ll follow me on Instagram or via my new baby AS Photography. I won’t be blogging as frequently over there as I did here (well back in the day anyway…) but I’m hoping to post original content at least two to three times a week!

On that note, thank you so much for staying with me for the last three years, and reading my little blog here and I hope I’ll hear from you again via Instagram, or the comment section of my new blog, or per e-mail,… however you like! Have a good one! :)


Sunset Portrait Session

Hi guys, I know, this is somewhat of an odd occurence, me posting pictures from a portrait session that I did with one of my closest friends (some of you might now that I’m dabbling in photography on the side…), but I just love these pictures so much that I want to share them as much as I can. I knew that my friend V is super pretty in a completely natural way, but seeing this beauty come through even more in photographs makes me super happy! These are the shots I love most, completely natural without a ton of make up or perfectly done hair and even so completely stunning! :)

ShootingVerena-3 ShootingVerena-5 ShootingVerena-8

ShootingVerena-10 ShootingVerena-12 ShootingVerena-16 ShootingVerena-18

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Monthly Goals: June

Happy first of June!
We are almost at the halfway point of the year again. Can you believe it? I’m sorry for the quiet around here, but I was busy completing my goals for May and in all honesty whenever the weather is as awesome as it has been this past weekend, I like to stay outside for as long a possible. So my laptop got a bit neglected as a result. Anyway, I must say I’ve become quite the fan of my monthly goals list. It’s a pretty nice feeling when you look back at the last 30 days and think about what’s happened and what things you can now cross of your list. So here we go again for June.  Do you have any goals for this next months? I’d be curious to hear them. :)
Have a great day!


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How to live a happy life

In my opinion happiness is pretty much a mindset and not solely achievable through successful business endeavors, money or other people.  While a great job, a healthy savings account or great friends certainly contribute to feeling content, happiness is something you have to choose, so I tought I’d share some of the things I’ve found out over the past couple of years on how to live a happy life.

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Home Decor

Favorite Wall Art

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but I have a huge weak spot for pretty wall art. I love myself a nice gallery wall with photographs of the last five vacations or just simple art prints which can range from fine art photography to drawings or quotes written in pretty calligraphy. Basically I want it all, and if could (meaning if it wouldn’t look like I was a crazy person) I’d probably put them all on my walls.  As it is however, I’m currently planning a little picture nook in my bedroom and I would like maybe one or two nice prints to mix with some of my photos, so I’ve browsed the web a little and struck gold at Society6. Ever heard of that platform? So many amazing artists sell their art there and I’ve included some of my favorite prints below. You can also find links to the artist’s stores at the end of the post. Be sure to check out the rest of their work. :)

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